Registering as a user

Join Elävä maa's food circle by creating a user account.

  1. Click on "Liity jäseneksi" (Become a member) in the menu and choose option "Luo tili" (Create a new user account).

  2. The user registration form opens. Fill in the requested data: "Käyttäjätunnus" (Username), "Sähköpostiosoite" (Email address), "Etunimi" (First name), "Sukunimi" (Last name), "Puhelinnumero" (Phone number). Select your city of residence from the "Kotipaikka" list. Choose the food club which you want to belong to from the "Piiri" (Club) list. Finally tick the box "Elävä maa jäsenyys" to join the association.
    NOTE! If you want to join a club whose name is followed by "yksityinen" (private) or "suojattu" (protected), you first need to contact the club (Finnish only).
  3. Click on the "Luo uusi käyttäjätili" (Create new user account) button.
    Within a few minutes you'll receive an email at the address you entered in the previous step.

  4. This email contains a temporary password link for your account. You can log in from, and then change your password by following the instructions at Changing your password. Alternatively you can use the one-time login link also provided in the email. It will bring you directly to the page where you can change your password.