How to place an order

Before ordering, you need to have a user account on the website. Instructions for creating an account are at Registering as a user.

An order invitation is sent to your email when the week’s order is opened on the web store. Sign in to your account and select “Verkkokauppa” (Web shop) in the menu.

The web store opens and you can place your order. If you don’t see the products, the order round is not open. In this case, contact the person who sent you the order invitation.

Browse the products and fill in the form the amount of the products you want to order.

Some notes and tips:

  • The headers on the top panel are: Tuote = Product, Yksikkökoko = Unit size, Alkuperämaa = Origin, Yksikköhinta = Unit price, Varastossa = Stock (Rajoittamaton = Unlimited), Määrä = Amount, Hinta = Price.
  • The best way to move from one field to the next is to use TAB on your keyboard. This highlights the next quantity box, allowing you to type a number right away.
  • The amount of some products is limited. If you order the limited products, they are reserved for you in the stock immediately as you insert the amount and move to the next field. If you try to reserve too much, the webshop lets you know that it didn't fulfill your entire request.
  • Sometimes the system doesn't let you reserve as many products as you thought were available. It means that someone else reserved some of these products a few instants before you.
  • Your shopping cart is saved on your account until you pay for it or the order closes. You can freely close the browser and continue ordering later. Please don’t reserve limited products that you are not going to buy in the end.


When you have selected products, the subtotal in the upper right corner (Yhteensä) is updated in real time. When you are ready, click Siirry kassalle.


The various order fees are added in this phase, “Tarkista tilaus” (Confirm order).
Validate and proceed to payment by clicking ”
Maksa tilaus” (Pay order).


Then select your bank for online payment. Pick the one that corresponds to your own bank account and complete the payment in your bank's interface. Proceed as usual. After paying, do not close your browser before you are redirected to the suomenluomupiiri website. You may have to click on a button "Palaa Myyjän palveluun" (Return to seller's service) or something similar.


When the payment is registered, you go back to the association's website and see an order confirmation. You also receive a confirmation by email


You can check the products you ordered and your previous orders by clicking Oma käyttäjätilini->Tilaushistoria (My user account->Order history) in the menu.
There is also a direct link to your orders for the current week at the top of the webshop page: "Olet jo tilannut tällä viikolla seuraavasti" (You already made the following orders this week).

Note: If there is an error on the page “Tilaus valmis” or you don't receive a confirmation email, you should check your previous orders. If your last order shows there, it is okay and the payment functioned. If it’s not there, the payment didn’t go through and you have to pay again, or the products will not be delivered to you.