About the food circle

Elävä maa's goal is to develop organic farming and human-centered food distribution chains. Its organic food circle aims to access local products through deals with various producers, as well as a wider selection coming from wholesalers.

To join the food circle, you need to become a member of the Elävä maa association (register) and participate in the food delivery tasks for a two hours and a half once every two months, at our main location of Hämeentie 85, Helsinki OR do some voluntary work from home (contact the teams) OR pay an extra 13% fee with each order.

Get started by reading about the food circle's available clubs (Finnish only) in the Helsinki capital region and get familiar with the website's usage instructions in the "Briefly in English" section.

Note that the food circle's webshop is only in Finnish, as are many of the communication channels of Elävä maa. But as long as you understand Finnish product names, feel free to join us, and don't hesitate to ask for help if there's something you don't understand.

The weekly rotation of our food circle goes like this:

From Saturday to Monday evening/midnight our webshop is open and members can make orders. An email is sent to members once it opens. (usually on Saturday)

On Tuesday morning the orders will be processed and sent to the farmers / wholesalers. Then we see how big amounts we will receive different products and based on that we open a web shop called "vihannestori" ("veggie market") to sell any leftover amounts with a discount price. That webshop is open only during Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning all the orders are processed and printed out member by member. The goods arrive at our place "keskuspiiri" in Hämeentie 85 and the talkoo people start sorting them out and making boxes that members can come and pick up.

Wednesday evening at 18-20 members come and pick up their orders. After that talkoo people do the inventory and clean up. Next Saturday the rotation starts over.

Contact us:

hallitus@elavamaa.fi > Board of the association, for general matters or to propose changes to the association's activities.

it@elavamaa.fi > If you have technical issues with the website and webshop at www.elavamaa.fi.

viestinta@elavamaa.fi > If you have suggestions, ideas or questions about Elävä maa's communication (on the website, social media or blogs).

jasenasiat@elavamaa.fi > For suggestions, ideas and questions regarding food circle membership.

tuotevalikoima@elavamaa.fi > Here you can ask about the food circle's product list, give feedback about products or ask us to add new products to the list.